Specialized in solving technology problems for Startups and Mission Critical projects

We can help only if:

You are planning to build the next big thing but lack necessary IT resources

You are experiencing financial difficulties due to high cost of IT

You have reached the limits of your IT resources

You are concerned about the privacy of your customers

Why we are remarkable?

We are a group of highly qualified IT experts from Kosovo, who are focused on adding value to your business through technology and innovative solutions.

What we do?

We help organizations in integrating computing platforms that are designed to handle millions of requests per second. We offer dedicated servers for demanding solutions and maximum performance. All our servers are reliable brand name hardware from HP and Dell. They are located in a state-of-the-art datacenter and configured for maximum performance. Regardless the size of your project, our servers are custom designed to meet your needs. We not only offer the best technology in the market but continued commitment that guarantees success for your project.

Why choose us?

We help organizations to radically accelerate performance, innovation and to create new competitive advantages through agile business strategies and cutting-edge technologies. For over 10 years, we have been helping organizations to improve their product performance and catch up in the market.

Our Philosophy

Hekuran Doli Our technology consulting services are based on quality, security and business value. Our top priority is to ensure you get the most out of any IT investments. We at Cingerr, love building and integrating dynamic and highly secure computing platforms for distributed systems, that is why our work has helped dozens of clients to overcome technology problems and compete in the market. We are ready to help you next.

Hekuran Doli
CEO Cingerr

Our state of the art datacenter

To ensure we deliver the highest quality of service, we have partnered with some of the most prestigious datacenters in the industry.

  • Network

    Each server comes with a dedicated 1Gbit/s connection. The network is connected through MPLS ring structure to our partner's networks (550 Gbit/s), which are defined as Autonomous System (AS) Numbers 34088 and 8972.

  • Electrical Power

    Two independent power circuits for each server rack secured by 2 x 16 Ampere. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are installed redundantly. Low-emission diesel generators ensure constant power supply.

  • Cooling system

    The data center uses an unrivaled cooling system that makes use of the area's extensive ground water sources. Our servers are located in a environment that has achieved a 1.21 PUE value (Power Usage Efficiency)

  • Hardware

    We only offer the most advanced performance-oriented hardware from HP and DELL, rather than converted PC hardware. All components are carefully selected to ensure the highest levels of performance and stability when operating together.

  • Security

    A comprehensive security concept ensures that all data is protected from theft or damage due to environmental or virtual influences. All crucial values are permanently monitored by central intrusion detection systems.

  • Availability

    By using only the most advanced hardware, we can guarantee you a server availability of 99.9%. If, however, hardware malfunction does occur, we respond to restore the server in maximum of four hours.

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